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We are born with a perfect, innate ‘navigation system’ that tells us why, what, how and how much to eat. During our lifetimes, this navigation system might imperceptibly run off course. To stop mindless, stress and emotional eating, to break free from diets and create a balanced, healthy and joyful relationship with food, you have to work with all of the challenges of changing eating habits, holistically and at the same time.

How did my journey begin?

My interest in a healthy lifestyle dates back to the 1970s and 1980s. Back then, and for that time it was very unusual, I gathered and ate nettle, dandelion and garland. At that time, Latvia was part of the Soviet Union and there were very few self-help books. I drew my inspiration from the books of cardiologists Dr. Nikolai Amosov and Dr. Vladimir Levi about a different (but now generally accepted) approach to life, health and a healthy lifestyle.

Now, in my 55+ years, maintaining my health and wellbeing is becoming more difficult and I realize that need to pay more and more attention to that.

Why was my course created?

I am deeply convinced that everyone deserves to feel good both emotionally and physically. Stress is and will be our daily ‘travel companion’. We can learn to control it in a healthy way.

I am here to help you not to stress eat and to live healthier, happier and with gusto! With me by your side, you will learn how to eat what you want, while reaching the best weight for your body.

What are my strengths?

I am the first licensed Mindful Eating Trainer in Latvia and an internationally-certified Health and Wellness Coach. My strengths are my curious mind and tireless desire to learn more and more new knowledge, which I am happy to share to help my clients to feel better.

Years of living in a multicultural environment (1993-1999 in Russia and 2002-2014 in Italy) have given me the opportunity to develop self-tolerance, the ability to see my own and others’ suffering and to assure myself over and over again that the only thing that does not change, is impermanence. Understanding that change is unavoidable and overcoming it requires us to develop mindfulness, strengthen our cognitive and emotional resilience and stress hardiness.

I have been meditating every day since 2009. Mindfulness is my path today - my intellectual and spiritual practice, the code of life.

Why mindful eating?

Mindfulness meditation, as explained by Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, is a practice that uses the breath as a tool to connect the mind to the body. The unity or mindfulness of mind and body helps us to come home to ourselves, to understand ourselves, to heal our suffering, and to transform unhealthy habits.

I continuously deepen my mindfulness practice as a student of Thich Nhat Hanh studying applied mindfulness at the European Institute of Applied Buddhism (EIAB) in Germany and at a retreat center in Plum Village, France.

I teach mindfulness practices in my mindfulness-based healthy eating habits course. When mindfulness is learned and used, it becomes a powerful tool so that you can reach your full potential in your life, to be your best version, without spending it in the fight against feeling overloaded, stress, and overeating. Contact me and take the first step towards a healthier life!


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