A small investment for a great result!

You might have eating habits that you would like to change. But often, despite to your best intentions and efforts to make the healthiest choices, habits sabotage you. No matter how many times you have tried and lost, you will not have to rely on willpower this time. You do not need to start a diet. No rules, no deprivation, no calorie-counting, no sneak eating. Just skilful and flexible choices you are happy with. Forever.

For whom and why?

My mindful eating program ‘Stop Stress Eating’ is a program for stylish, modern eaters. For every woman who wants to eat differently - with pleasure, including their favorite foods. The program is based on the principles and discoveries of mindfulness, mindful eating and positive neuroplasticity.

I believe wholeheartedly in the need to invest in our own health and well-being. My desire is that you can look at your life and your relationships with food with inspiration! Invest in yourself with a commitment to succeed, and your return on investment will be immeasurable. 

I will be happy to work with you and help you on the way to a healthier life!

Take time for yourself!

A mandatory requirement to participate in the individual course is readiness to take time for homework and practice meditations.

This program is suitable for you if you:

are tired

from constant self-criticism and endless diets because you have realized that this approach does not work

want to curb

your emotional hunger without food and to be free from the ‘food police’ voice in your head

are ready

take a step towards change and invest in it and you are not afraid of a revolutionary approach

want more

lightness, joy and gusto of life through a positive, inspiring, sustainable approach

How will this work?

To help you, I have gathered my knowledge and experience in medicine, mindfulness-based habit change, neurobiology, meditation, stress management, and female well-being, and developed an evidence-based holistic mindful eating program. You can attend the program from anywhere in the world - all you need is a computer, internet connection and the desire to reduce the negative effects of stress eating on your body.

Online classes

We will meet online for 10 weeks, once a week, at a convenient time for both of us. The webinars are half theory, half practice, each lasting about 2 hours and 15 minutes. You will also be able to contact me between classes by email and/or phone.


After each online class, you will receive a summary, as well as a workbook, which, when used successfully, will improve your relationship with food.

Coaching sessions

Every week before the online class, we will have about 30 minutes long coaching sessions over the phone. In addition, you will receive daily email encouragements to stay motivated!

Meditation recordings

One of the most important "tools" of the program will be mindfulness meditations. You will receive a total of 8 audio tracks. Don't worry, no previous meditation experience is required!

After the program you fill be free:

from diets

and obsession with food and weight, from guilt, worries, and shame caused by your eating habits

to eat differently

and enjoy a harmonious and healthy relationship with food, including your favorite snacks on the menu!

to listen

to your body and skillfully choose - when, what and how much to eat without restrictive rules!

to accept yourself

and to love yourself as you are, to live a joyful, tasty and balanced life, and to just be!

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