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Let's get acquainted! My name is Dr. Inese Millere. I am Medical Doctor who changed everything and became a diplomat to then, a decade later, changed everything again, in order to become a Health and Wellness Coach specialized in mindful eating and mindful living. I am the first licensed Mindful Eating Trainer in Latvia and an internationally-certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I created "Stop Stress Eating": a mindful eating and living program based on mindfulness, mindful eating and positive neuroplasticity discoveries.

Give yourself the gift of freedom!

You are a stylish, modern professional in your field. You enjoy eating! You, like all of us, suffer from something, be it self-criticism, negative body image, ‘yo-yo’ dieting, disharmonious relationship with food, stress and emotional eating. Whatever your struggle, change is possible!

Through "Stop Stress Eating", women learn to free themselves from ‘yo-yo’ dieting and stress-eating habits forever. In turn they rediscover a healthy and joyful relationship with food and their bodies, in order to add more taste, ease, and success to their health, work, and personal lives through the mindful eating approach.

No rules, no deprivation, no calorie-counting, no sneak eating. Just evidence-based and practical strategies you can live with. Forever.

How has the program helped others?

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Highly recommend

This program cannot be compared to eating with restriction and self-discipline, as it reveals completely different, more humane, tools for self-acceptance and provides fulfillment in a more harmonious way.

- Sandis Dūšelis, director of "Miervidi"

The course that works

A very valuable, stimulating, informative motivation program that works! I like the fact that there are handouts and audio recordings that allow repetition and provide additional motivation!

- Ansis Bogustovs, journalist

Immediate result

When I started working with Dr. Inese Millere, food related stress disappeared in the first class. The program gave me practical skills on how to eat, no matter how stupid it may sound, because no one had taught me that!

- Liene Krauze, yoga teacher

What do you do, when you feel bad?

There are many definitions of stress, but mine is: "Stress is what disrupts our emotional balance and makes us feel bad."

Human nature tends to seek balance, and we mistakenly hope to find that balance and comfort in food. We engage in mindless and automatic chewing, comforting, entertaining and pampering ourselves with food and, as a result gaining weight, damaging our health, feeling bad about ourselves both emotionally and physically, and losing our self-confidence.

Does that sound familiar to you? 

No matter what your struggle is, change is possible and I can help you! You deserve to break free from the ‘yo-yo’ dieting captivity and build a harmonious and healthy relationship with food and yourself.

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