How would it be to live and eat differently?

Imagine what would happen if all the energy you are currently WASTING to worry about your body, weight and food WAS AVAILABLE to you to LIVE from the heart, fully, being the best version of yourself?

What would you do with all this sudden energy given to you?

I feel free

Thank you, Inese! I still (2 months after completing the program) feel free to eat. I do not criticize myself and I consciously choose my eating habits, even if they are not healthy.

- Ginta

Rejoice and use

It took me about 23 years of error and torment to get these insights by myself. How unfortunate that Inese couldn't tell me all this when I was 20. How many time and energy would have been saved! Rejoice and use!

- Dita

The food serves me

From the very beginning I want to say a HUGE THANK YOU! If only it were possible to give you the most beautiful flowers in the world as a thank you.

I would call this journey a "reunion of mind and body" because for a while they had been apart from each other. Right now, food serves me to make me feel good, not I serve food when all thoughts are about and around it. At the moment, my relationship with food is very friendly and even full of love, not hostile and full of reproach as before. As a result, the weight has also decreased a bit. But that is not my main goal - it is just another benefit of this process.

- Zane

So much has changed

The program has helped me to understand that I have to listen to my bodily hunger signals - otherwise I risk overeating. I have definitely more selective about what I want to see on my plate now. I've realized that I can eat smaller portions. Now, when I put food on my plate as much as I would have eaten about 2 months ago, I only eat as much as I think is enough, leaving the rest on a plate. The thing I have realized during the program is that the food does not have to be placed on a pedestal. If you really want to eat a treat, you can do it without blaming or shaming yourself for it. I am seven weeks in the program and so much has changed, so much that it is even difficult to describe it all at once.

- Lilita

Grandiose benefits

I came to the mindful eating program full of anxiety about my dysfunctional, addictive relationships with food, "stress eating". It was a long-established "soul tormentor" who has been present in my life since adolescence (family addiction, adolescent complexes, later in life - stress at work, relationships, studies, etc.). The biggest benefits - awareness  of how all this mechanism is formed.

Now I have the tools to help me to rearrange these routine misconceptions. An invitation to be attentive to what is happening with me - how I experience my hunger, how to notice a feeling of satiety, how to pause and act when temptation takes your breath away. How to accept and not to torment myself. Great meditation techniques! Aren't these grandiose benefits?! What I liked the most was how everything was organized - all these weeks were spent on this "topic".

It was promoted and maintained by:

  • doing homework (for example, meditating, again a new approach to the eating process);
  • a daily e-mail, which also helped to keep alive the relationship with the topic I explore and learn;
  • individual coaching sessions.  

All this motivated to "rearrange". Thank to Inese, who worked with us wonderfully, wisely and honestly!

- Ineta

A journey back to myself

As the end of the year approaches, looking back on 2017, the mindful eating program is the most wonderful experience and lesson of the whole year! All of my adult life I have struggled with weight problems, despite the fact that I have always tried to introduce healthy eating into my daily routine and actively exercised. Still, overeating problems and guilt have never left me. Then, well, I took the program to get rid of overeating and everything superfluous.

The biggest benefit of the program is that I have learned to recognize hunger. It was the biggest shock to me when at the beginning of the program I had no idea how to understand whether I was hungry or I wasn’t. The program as a whole was a wonderful experience/journey back to myself. It set in motion the natural wheel that had stopped. When the instincts of nature no longer work naturally, but are mechanically controlled. The meditations are also one of the great benefits. And, of course, where without the wonderful teacher Inese!

I would recommend the program to every woman, regardless problems with food. I am infinitely grateful for this wonderful opportunity! During the program I have lost about 6kg. 

      - Iveta                                     

                               TO THE PROGRAM                             

I was looking for this for 20 years

I would like to thank you very much, Inese, for the opportunity to participate in the program " Stop Stress Eating ". It seems that I've been looking for this method for at least 20 years. Inese, I am delighted with your attitude of humility and empathy. Oh yes - your humor also adds something special to the process.

There are so many tools. I can experiment and choose the most suitable ones for me. Using these tools and the acquired knowledge, I get to know myself from the other side. Every time I do one of the meditations, I become more and more aware of their effects and value. Special thanks for these tools. An invaluable part of this is the weekly coaching sessions. This provides tremendous support.

Current summary: portion size has decreased in half; the food choices has changed; I am about 3.5kg lighter; feel calmer; the body is increasingly infused by a feeling of lightness; I am more gentle and loving towards my body; my eating habits change (usually the last meal is before 18:00). Thanks again, Inese!

- Svetlana

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This is the right path

Inese, thank you for this new path in my life! There is a lot I have tried in my life, but there has always been a thought - will it help me and, as many people know, at least will I not be disappointed again! This time there is something completely different. Here I am taught to think and live the way it helps me. It seemed to me that I was doing nothing, but the result was already beginning to take shape.

During these ten weeks, tools are given that help me. I can even choose which ones I like the best. For those who doubt, I know what it is like. Because myself - oh, how many times I've gone through it - I can say this is the right path to take. Here I began to know my real needs, not the ones I thought I needed. Inese taught me how to act, and the result depends on me alone. And I can eat anything I want! Now I know what I want, what I need and what I have.

Until recently, I thought I loved myself, but only now am I kind and loving to myself. And that's what Inese taught me. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! I am happy to have found you!

- Rigonda

Real tools

This program radically changed my attitude towards food and myself. I believe that the topic about dignified food choices should be included in the health education program of any secondary school. Such things should be brought up in a family, but unfortunately our cultural heritage has not made this possible.

Starting studies with Dr. Inese Millere, the food related stress disappeared at the first class. The course gave me practical skills on how to eat, no matter how stupid it may sound, because no one had taught me that! I am grateful for the opportunity to receive and adapt to my situation effective and, most importantly, real methods - which help me to avoid uncontrolled daily consumption of food, making the process safe and enjoyable. This, in turn, automatically means more free time to build peaceful relationships with fellow human beings, better well-being and health, more resources to achieve your personal goals.

- Liene Krauze, yoga teacher

I recommend it to everybody

A mindful eating program was really a discovery for me. Although I had been familiar with mindul eating for a long time, the program addressed so many new and unheard questions that the whole learning process turned out to be an unexpectedly exciting and challenging journey of self-discovery.

A mindful eating course cannot be compared to restrictive eating and self-discipline, since it reveals completely different, more humane tools for self-acceptance and provides fulfillment in a more harmonious way. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about the causes of their eating, and learning about them will change everyday life by itself, I can say that!

- Anna

                                I WANT!                                

I could't believe my eyes

I accidentally put on a skirt yesterday, which I barely clamped in at the beginning of the year. Deep down, I thought that I would never wear this skirt again. Today I did not believe my eyes - they fit me and I had no “love handles”! They were even a little loose. Inese's teaching, which I learned in the program - eating only what I really want and when I want it - works without weighing, counting and measuring. I participated in February, but now it's mid-March. I think this is a good result.

- Kristine

I am learning to savor

I was eager to learn something new about ways to lose weight. I am pleased with the information received. I have reviewed my menu and eating habits. I am learning to enjoy food, savor. Understand what I really like and what I eat just because it seems delicious. I'm learning to recognize my hunger and I'm glad that it works. I drink more water. I like that now everything is starting to taste differently and there are already several dishes that I ate before the course, but not anymore. I recommend to all women who have weight problems to participate in this program.

- Sarmīte

Without humiliating diets

Thanks to Inese for the program "Stop Stress Eating". It is a truly wonderful path that leads us out of obsession with diets, out of this madness. It gives the feeling that common sense exists and I can solve my weight and health issues without degrading diets. I am and can be an expert in my needs.

- Inta

                                   I AM READY!                                   

Thought about everything

Now I have the structure and the necessary tools with specific tasks to deal with my emotional eating. I can compliment that everything is really thought out: audio files help; home work is concrete; it is possible for individual consultations; possibility to continue to receive the necessary support via social media.

- Jolanta Bogustova

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